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Health Management


The projects which will be cruitial to understanding our senses where sub- and un-conscious inner symbols and forms show our closeness to a core supporting, Prime Quantum world... this is our sacred working at roots between each environment, room, space and ideals to create.

Over several years Mr Holland has take part in various Medical Conferences around the world....

Through the help of various professors and doctors there was a joint action to take part in putting over new forms of health management by bring people and groups together rather than fighting over the various technologies and therapies...


Dallas- Fort Worth... IEEE "Therapeutic Techniques in a new Form"

Lyon, France... WHO Conference on Health for All in the Future.... "Alternative Therapy Center with Appropriate Technology"..

Madras India... Energy Medicine Conference.. "New Age Therapy Center + Electro-magnetic Hand Therapy"

Bangalore, India.... International Conf. on Yoga Research + Applications... "Individual Yoga, Medial Training + Mediation"....

SSHC.. Systems Science in Health Care... WHO.. Prague... CZ. " Integrated Therapy Center"

This goes together with Mr.Holland's experience in his own centre for "Personal Development" with other practioners.

Over resent years Mr Holland has given his time over to develop the themes of "Conscious Living, Noetics, Personal Development, Creative Learning help and the use of Therapies to help the process of personal and social change and development in a world of "compromising" so as to lift a "roof" that allows change in how we perceive because the modelling is that of the Gene Cell structure also found in "older cultures" under different names according to their needs to "develop" and hold society together.

Katholisches Bildungswek Stadt Köln, Caritassverband St Martin, Köln.....
Course about Music, Sound and Space and Time, personal deepening, memory,

Centro D'Ompio, nr Omenga, N. Italy...
Course about Space, Consciousness and Existence ... workshop as to how space really works on the deep psyche...

Bürgehaus Stollwerk, Südstatt, Köln.....
Course about Sensitivity and Consciousness... workshop evening about sound, music, meditation role play and identity....

Eins Center, Köln-Ehrenfeld...
Course and meditation evenings about finding oneself on a more personal basis

Other courses about managing your creativity and finding out what we really wish to do from their deepest roots.....



Before I start the description I should like to give my thanks individually to all these people who helped me or allowed me to work together on these important themes:

Prof. Georg Hadjinikos.     Prof of music at the Royal College of Music, Manchester. He helped me to understand sound and make music as my piano and music teacher for many years as a young teenager.

Prof . T.G. Krishna Murthy.  Prof. Of Bio medic. at Bangalore University, India. Under his wing we came to many medical conferences around the world. He considers that I paint a way to a “new” deeper world that is well worth following ….

Prof. Joseph Eichmeier.    Prof of Eingineering at the T.U. University, München. With his help I was able to put together a proper description of my bio-medical work allowing me to present ideas at a Finnish Med. Conf.

Prof. Fritz Popp.            Prof for Bio-Physics at Bio-Physics Inst. Neuss. A few experiments were made into the effect of sounds on Bio-Photons. The idea that space is intelligent has been discussed and considered a way for future work…

Prof. Andre Pilon.        Prof. for Social Health + Welfare, San Paulo Uni, Brazil. A considerable amount of help has been given to support this work by passing me name and addresses of institutes and conferences I might work together with.

Julian Scutts.                      English language teacher in Erkelenz, FRG I can highly recommend a visit to his web site Both have work together for many years on the theme of wandering and the deeper meaning of words, events in history and the theme of the Pied Piper.

Dr. Dr. Theol. Ingrid Sherman. First Lady of Poetry, USA, Psychic readings and Healing … Dr Sherman and I have had close contact for many Years. There have been many aspects of support from both sides in over 20 years contact….

Prof. Dr. Ervin LASZLO,     Zukunftsforscher,. President Club of Budapest, an organisation which supports the search for an ecological approach to nature and existence. This is not just on the physical level but to find a spiritual way that is supportive of existence…

The Duke of Edinburgh   the Royal Household of the United Kingdom …. After sending in some of my early works I received a supportive letter to my original ideas from the Duke with great gratitude.                                       

Dr Eckart Wilkens.       VHS Köln, Music Dept. His interest in this work and his involvement with various experiments into the psychic effect on the body and mind since the mid’90’s. That there is a relationship between the Acupuncture points in the body and the world of Consciousnesses come alive so that the Developmental and Universal Models become a reality.

Dr med. Folker Meissner     This medical doctor in the field of “energy medicine” for over 20 years has stated the necessity that this material should be known “around the world” because of its innovative and correlating evidence that many areas of our lives are interlinked. The descriptions bring together these many different parts to show our place in existence…

Prof Dr. Peter Wunck.       This work in the field of Quantum Physics and studying and working under Heisenberg’s and Planck’s work and then later in life with reincarnation and clairvoyance made for a most intriguing understanding of this future orientated work within my Inner Sound work.

Others down the way of life are also thanked….


INSTITUTIONAL BUILDING... culture and society.. health and illness.
This is a reworked version of a paper given in Prague at "System Science in Health Care" Conference in 1992


We have had the idea for the combination of therapies since the mid-80's; in fact one of the first to see the possibilities of a holistic form of medicine. This means we should start to rethink the meaning of illness and health from the various philosophies in this world so we can see the foundations of existence itself and then recombine the energies which make up personal and social illness and health. This is done by training medical staff, therapists and healers to use their inner sensitive powers to really feel. One early experiment in a French University last century already showed that 80% of trainee doctors could feel the energy levels of homeopathic substances.

We can divide the philosophies into the categories of east and west.... the east based on an understanding of "energy"; where life-death and existence begin and end so that we can describe it as the inner psychic language of mind and body and the west based on seen and accountable reactions to stimuli. As we know very well the western method is throwing back its boundaries by understanding genetics and quantum physics as well as the understanding of the psychic factors of the world. Much work is taking place because of much improved measuring techniques.

When we look at the two types of society, we can see both have their goals of exchanging goods and services and maintaining people in some form of existence. Their bases in each case are very much part of the old philosophies and religions of both east and west, but we should ask if the two forms can be combined; feeling the sensitive vibrations but being aware of spatial reality in such a way that it affects the social understanding how we are with ourselves and be socially aware. We need to develop institutional organisations as organic communities through personal contact with this real sensitivity and we need to know what we are trying to do now and not wait for the future and we are forced to move, as has often happened in the past. We should also ask if we really do know what we are trying to achieve in existence. I would put it down to creating, exchanging in such a way as to really share the earth’s resources satisfactorily so each person and community can remain healthy. This is the real optimistic approach but in fact because of the ever changing nature of life many find it difficult to be on top of this development. If we take account of the statistics of just how many are using medical services, we should be acting now. Hence the need to consider a Study Centre to start with. It should act as resource base, serve as an educational learning ground to new ways to understand nature itself and stimulate a way of sharing which can take the sharp edges of nature away by creating with nature in a sustainable way.



We have in both western and eastern societies a means of authority which is very top heavy and which tends to crush the bottom tiers of the population. In reality these people are very sensitive but are forced to obey a rigid system. In the west there is a trend to get involved with alternative scientific work after contact with the East, which accounts for interest in the field of "Quantum Field theory", "Morphic Resonance" and "Chaos Theory". In the east there is much interest in material processes, to such an extent, indeed, that the environment is being ruined and so we are changing stages. But whatever the theme is, Life and Death and knowing existence and where the consciousnesses really are and their measurability is so important. We come to learn about ourselves and society as the basis of knowing how others can be sensitive and so I come to my theme the teaching of sensitivity. This sensitivity is the spiritual religiosity of human beings which still has to be worked and developed into western scientific thought so its philosophy is sustainable on this planet.



The key question here appears to be freedom and access to find and use information. We should lean towards coexistence so individuality of approach is most important and we do not allow dogmatic totalitarian authority or wild competition to take over. In each case, even in medicine, differences in individual ways of doing things mark personal preference as to who we wish to be with. There should not be a battle of wits where so-called universal science has no attraction, as it is dry. Love should be really felt. The effect of knowing about Life, Death, Existence and Consciousnesses is that we have to understand individual space, energy and resonance on a very sensitive level and realise that these boundaries are found in such simple things as "Magnetism, Sound, Morphosis of Elements and Colour. Illness begins because we do not see the boundaries between nature and ourselves. We become dead and do not realise where we have to move to and from because we cannot identify how psychological patterns in nature are moving. We have to be aware of inner nature’s feel and only use the information as to how nature is decaying and not to run amuck. To those people who are ill because the inner resonance is blocked and so do not really understand such words then we can talk about love, music, resonance and awareness in simple terms. Also in the world of scientific research I wish to go back to this rather simple approach because we have to decide how to translate scientific terminology into the terms of behaviour, time, nature and environment, movement etc so there is a finer degree of reason within space and its personal belonging and its individualisation. In a world where people are calling for personal treatment but the cost of introducing it makes us shudder, it is important to have a system which recognises finer barriers of personalisation and how they work on the genetic and elementary levels of behaviour and so reaction timing within the work and family space, form creative and decision making space. This also effects very clearly our closer personal and religious spaces. This influences the world of art and music we come into contact with. With a scientific system of "consciousness" based on cultural symbolism rather than one based just on wordy description of experience, it is possible to work out personal and spatial psychic, natural and chemical changes which bring the person into harmony with the environment and what he or she is doing.



Over the years I have spoken to various colleagues in the field of psychotherapy and research into specific forms of death like cot-deaths and gained the clear impression that we have not found a suitable "Language" to scientifically describe personal and genetic influences on both the patient and those that are doing the research. This also includes the doctor’s diagnosis and health practitioners. Do we not need to be more specific with regard to the diagnostic of feelings and inner psychic elements. This language I have been working on from various angles for seven years (since 1987). I have found that its proof is appearing in philosophical, religious and certain modern scientific texts over the last few thousand years. Scientific inquiry includes the areas of social and political areas but these forms are building models that are also found in genetics, quantum physics and bio-chemistry. In this poster/ article I only have the possibility to outline the thousands of pages of script I have developed and the articles that I have collected over the last years to prove the points.



The validity of using eastern philosophies and combining them to western traditions lies in their ability to allow us to see individuality and personal differences which chivvy the western scientific tradition into not making very deep and detailed quality pattern differentiation in the area of group identity and cultural differences. We can closely associate these differences with the fact that there exist different consciousnesses; patterns of elements which exist because there are different resonances in a given space. They are held together with time dimensions as a system aimed at finding out how far space really exists. There are seven plus three support systems (see appendix). I have used the musical key system and the old 3000 year astrological systems as "my" language base because it is known to hold the key to the creative process. This was done because the symbols which include values able to encompass material, emotional, spiritual and soul values allow us to describe their effects in the way they are drawn so that the literal movement of the inner mind and the inner cell is known and these, I found, are reflected in the physical world of bio-chemistry, genetics and quantum physics as parallel structures deep in our bodies. This I could do because I had first noted the fact that the body and mind can be trained to assume the function of a very fine receiver and transmitter of the finest frequencies within nature, and these I was able to further see translated into the deepest religious texts that there are on the planet. We then have to realise that these texts are the same as what scientists have to use in accord with their powers of intelligence to first observe and understand and finally build theories which can then be measured. It is only by knowing how well the measuring devices are built and used in material production in the society that allows us to push the realisation of these facts into the open as a real goal. It has to be remembered that this sensing has to start from the finest imagination of what is happening deep in nature. My work was to translate people's material and mental individuality into the terms of elements, colours and sound patterns and to see what manipulates the genetics. I’ve worked this through to a certain point but now the involved consciousness system has to be interlinked through practical computer programs linking the finer work still needing to be worked out. We can build models which show the interlink between virus-bacteria, animal and plant worlds and the quality of the land where the person in question lives. This result is then combined with the climate-weather and language factors and then we have a more complete model which can in fact be used on macro and micro levels.


Main Model of Symbols...... Intelligent space and how it is held together...........
(See Gallery and Music  + visit our workshops)

Health is about Life and Death balances and science has shown that the cycles which control this are bacteria and viruses. What we have to realise now are the environmental effects of Cosmos and the finer Quantum Physical factors which influence how light and dark really work on us.



Two schools of medicine have to learn to work together and the various quarrels within each tradition both natural and western medicine have to be sorted out with the help of what a philosophical and detailed consciousnesses system has to tell us. The rows arise because there are personal ideas of the various fundamental approaches which relate to quality and quantity. They are chiefly concerned with what individuals expect from each other so as to share in harmony. This quest has to do with learning how we can work together as a team. With a spatial consciousness system we can come to see just where each person is master and where help has to be applied to get the whole therapy process into harmony. This process is a natural phenomena if we are willing to look carefully around us, observing just what happens in interrelationships between earth, climate, weather, animal and plant and bacteria and the way space plays a part in the process of knowing what is possible. We have to relearn boundaries of care in the areas of soul, spirit, emotions, materials, such as food, and space and in this way we relearn where we have to rebuild the boundaries of each part so they fit together. These boundaries include environmental science, natural understanding of diet, plus the aspects of therapy which work on the psyche... music, words, taste and aroma and then acupuncture and magnetism and homeopathy. When these do not work or there is an emergency, then the direct therapies like surgery, lasers chemical and pharmacy products, have to be used. We have to realise in the diagnosis from the start how those who have psychic gifts to see and feel the finer energy levels together with the technologies of electro magnetism and X-Rays can be used. This research is already being investigated in USA. We should realise many illness seen through Eastern Medicine’s eyes have sources which do not directly pertain to the diseased organ. There is also an understanding that real healing has to understand how diseases run from organ to organ. This means that curing a diseased area has to be realised by feeling the inner psychic energies of the body and the individual balance of inner elements. This has to do, I believe, with Quantum Energy Physics. The work to develop a consciousness system allows us to individualise the psychic factors by using diagram systems showing elementary factors which link to the inner Quantum.
(See my Appendix Book and notes from T G Krishnamurthy on poster). This is still available on my book and CD list... please ask if you are interested.



To construct buildings which both fit the art of therapy and get to the ground base of ill health we have to define society as a balance between therapy and relaxing in one direction and creativity and working in the other. We have to ask the question when dealing with illness if we have to tackle the creative side of the individual. We have to not simply ask the question what the person does but we should also realise how each creative impulse effects the way the illness progresses and can be halted. This we already do to some extent in illnesses which the doctor can now accept psychological implications. Those like bulimarecsia or with drug addiction are good examples of how far we have come but we still do not train the individual to cope with environmental influences which lead to feeling incomplete and so depressed. We do need to help people with too much "violence" out of their addiction for one thing or another, whether it be "a beautiful life" or a material dependency. The main factor which works on this consciousness system which is known to science is Doppler Effect. Through this effect and understanding how room... space works we can translate this into the various influences of Self, Person, Ego, Social Group, Culture by understanding where the person is standing and perceiving their influences in relationship to sound and space in their daily existence. The Doppler Effect is connected with tension and excitement of natural elements which include the reaction of animals and human beings. We know very well about inner tensions in the human being and how they are dealt with according to each person’s personal identity, their environment and cultural roots. It sets up inner and outer barriers of "Fight and Flight" which revolve around animal instincts, natural noises, religious practice, self-valuation and what health is to each person. Many therapists realise this. BUT what I wish to put forward is the fact we should learn more about social exchange, creation and nature at the finest levels as a normal part of therapy. This is the same vibrational level as Homeopathy which, as one Parisian Professor found out, 80% of his medical students could actually feel by holding a bottle of the substances. We might say this takes too much time when people are told that they should value time in real terms rather than in conscious terms but we should come to understand these vibrations because then we can identify problems earlier than we would by waiting for the material manifestations. In deep energy conscious terms this means we take natural energy values and follow through the natural cycles of "imagination - transformation - creation and exchange" which fits both a mental as a physical task. This fits the cycle of the elements, which means they follow the values of the genetic cycle and so the culture works according to natural balances of the outer seasons and the internal genetic changes.


The Natural Therapy and Creative Learning Centre.

I have found that the "intelligent space" mirrors cellular space as well as earth space, and human space should be so designed intuitively if not deliberately using these natural rules. So if we follow this plan through then sound builds "consciousness" patterns of information. We have developed the musical system intuitively through perceptual thinking at a great depth and so we can build up "Consciousnesses" as movement between two tonal keys as explained in the Appendix, which can break the poor cycles of health and illness by understanding what links inner and outer natural energy patterns. We have to do this by understanding what is stable and what has to be flexible in feel and elements-material, in the building of forms because space can give illusion and help to each person. It is clear from the symbolic translation of philosophical and religious texts that we are following the same path but that we are adding other perspectives and clarity of definition, but what appears important is to identify sources of illness and health because some of the old killers are coming back. We thought we had conquered many illnesses but inner nature apparently wishes to fight back. If we can believe in powers attributed to the influence of the Sun and Moon then we can build in the influence of other energetic masses like planets and constellations. From here we should come to questions like cosmic background radiation as the source of gravity and the cosmic threads and see how they combine with earthly elements and colours. We only have to look at the animal world to see how they defend themselves through colour and illusion. It is this illusion of strength and weakness which makes us ill or healthy and we have to see what elementary strengths we own and where and how we can use them. Then we can start to live and exist again in our societies. Health and illness are social phenomena but we often spend our time treating others either too quickly or without the understanding of this "sub-energy" level supporting societies, cultures and the earth itself.


The Holistic Therapy Centre

To be culturally supportive in either east or west, north or south cultures we have to take into account how therapy really should be learnt and practiced. This "Village Project" for many forms of creativity and therapy we should come to learn how to get back to nature without losing our present knowledge base. By understanding how space really works we can divide the area into a supportive structure so nature can do much of the therapy and creativity to sustain us and the earth.

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